Top 20 Minnesota Prospects for 2012 NHL Draft

-Leading up to the 2012 NHL Entry Draft, we will be releasing our top 20 Minnesota prospects on the 20th of each month.

Top 20 Minnesota Prospects: February Edition

1. Brady Skeji- Defenseman, US Under-18, USHL (42, 2-12-14)
2. Zach Stepan- Forward, Shattuck St. Mary’s, MN-HIGH (42, 18-38-56)
3. John Draeger- Defenseman, Shattuck St. Mary’s, MN-HIGH (44, 9-26-35)
4. AJ Michaelson- Forward, Waterloo, USHL (39, 6-12-18)
5. Will Merchant – Forward, Eagan, MN-HIGH (25, 23-22-45)
6. Jake Bischoff- Defenseman, Grand Rapids, MN-HIGH (19, 11-26-37)
7. Trevor Olson- Forward, Duluth East, MN-HIGH (11, 7-16-25)
8. Charlie Sampair, Forward, Hill-Murray, MN-HIGH (25, 27-16-43)
9. Austyn Young, Forward, Sioux Falls, USHL (37, 9-9-18)
10. Jake Montgomery- Forward, Shattuck St. Mary’s, MN-HIGH (33, 16-34-50)
11. Cody Corbett – Edmonton, WHL (41, 4-18-22)
12. Eli May, Defenseman, Eagan, MN-HIGH (25, 11-16-27)
13. Adam Johnson- Forward, Hibbing, MN-HIGH (20, 24-28-52)
14. Justin Kloos – Forward, Lakeville South, MN-HIGH (25, 34-47-81)
15. Collin Olson- Goalie, US Under-18, USHL (10-9-2, 2.77, .891
16. Grant Besse- Forward, Benilde St. Margaret’s, MN-HIGH (25, 40-35-75)
17. Jake Randolph- Forward, Duluth East, MN-HIGH (25, 32-34-66)
18. Dom Toninato- Forward, Duluth East, MN-HIGH (25, 27-34-61)
19. Erik Baskin- Forward, Minnetonka, MN-HIGH (25, 17-27-44)
20. Grant Opperman- Forward, Breck, MN-HIGH (25, 27-40-67)

Just Missing: Nate Arentz, Forward, Fargo (USHL); Drew Aspinwall, Defenseman, Maple Grove (MN-HIGH); Max Coatta, Forward, Minnetonka (MN-HIGH); Jake Horton, Defenseman, Benilde St. Margaret’s (MN-HIGH); Charlie Lindgren, Goalie, Sioux Falls (MN-HIGH); Louie Nanne, Forward, Edina (MN-HIGH); Kyle Osterberg, Forward, US Under-18 (USHL); Judd Peterson, Forward, Duluth Marshall (MN-HIGH); Eric Schurhamer, Defenseman, St. Thomas (MN-HIGH); Jared Thomas, Forward, Hermantown (MN-HIGH); Sam Wolfe, Defenseman, Eagan (MN-HIGH)

-Minnesota Prospects that that have been eligible for past drafts but were not selected. One Minnesota product was selected as an “overager” in the 2011 NHL Draft; Patrick Daly of Benilde St. Margaret’s (New Jersey 7/189).

1.) Logan Nelson, Forward, Victoria (WHL)
2.) Jay Dickman, Forward, St. Paul Johnson (MN-HIGH)
3.) Alex Lyon, Goalie, Omaha (USHL)
4.) Michael Zajac, Forward, Eagan (MN-HIGH)
5.) Matt McNeeley, Goalie, Cedar Rapids (USHL)
6.) Neal Goff, Defenseman, Fargo (USHL)
7.) Ethan Prow, Defenseman, Des Moines (USHL)
8.) Christian Horn, Forward, Benilde St. Margaret’s (MN-HIGH)
9.) Dan Molenaar, Defenseman, Sioux City (USHL)
10.) Matt Pohlkamp, Forward, Brainerd (MN-HIGH)

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