Adam Johnson

DOB: 6/22/1994

Height: 5’10.5

Weight: 150

Position: LW

Team: Hibbing

USHL Rights: Indiana

College commitment: UMD



There is not a prospect in the state that has better one-on-one abilities than Johnson. He’s an absolute joy to watch when the puck is on his stick. He possesses great speed and amazing agility. Uses his edges well as he is able to make tight compact cuts with little effort. Johnson keeps his feet moving at all times and his head on a swivel while carrying the puck.

Johnson Scored 42 goals and added 43 assists as a sophomore but slipped a bit as a junior scoring 28 goals and 31 assists. Johnson was a defenseman as a freshman but was moved to forward to give the team some more punch up front. Johnson still lines up on the point during the power-play. His experience on blueline has made him conscious of his defensive obligations at the forward position.

A potential problem for Johnson is his size and strength. Many prospects with Johnson’s physical makeup tend to get washed out of plays as competition gets stronger, smarter, and more experienced. Johnson assured last spring that his main priority will be to add strength and size in order to compete at the next level.

Hockey runs deep in the family as Adam’s father and Uncle played at the University of Minnesota Duluth. Adam will follow their footsteps as he is committed to UMD.