Cody Corbett

DOB: 12/14/1993

Height: 6’0

Weight: 210

Position: Defense

Team: Edmonton (WHL)



Corbett has good size and is willing to play rough in order to succeed. Is good at making outlet passes as he keeps his head up, looking for the best option. Corbett can carry the puck to breakout but is better at making a clean, crisp first pass to gain the neutral zone.

Corbett likes to shoot the puck, mostly using a snap/wrist shot. He often looks for any opportunity to throw it on net. His one-timers and slapshot need a bit of fine-tuning as he is able to get velocity on these shots but has a tough time controlling where the end up.

Corbett plays with an extreme amount of confidence, which is evident from his calm demeanor. Has a great work ethic as he has demonstrated that he is willing to leave it all on the ice every game, Corbett is an extremely hard worker.

As mentioned before Corbett plays with confidence, sometimes a bit too much as he tries to do too much while keeping it simple would be a better option. These are not critical mistakes and most likely will be washed out as he gains experience. Corbett is a natural leader that has the tools to progress into a solid, reliable defenseman.