Collin Olson

Collin OlsonDOB: 4/4/1994

Height: 6’3

Weight: 205

Position: Goalie

Team: USDP U-18

College: Ohio State




Olson developed nicely after a rough start for the USDP U-17 squad last season. Olson is a big goaltender, which is a good, as the new trend in scouting goalies is that bigger is better. Olson uses his big frame to his advantage as he does a good job keeping square to the shooter and cutting off any angle his opponent might have. Does a good job of closing any gaps down low by using his extremely quick reflexes.

Despite playing sparingly at Apple Valley High School in 2009-10, Olson showed the composure of a seasoned veteran while playing for the USDP. Olson’s draft stock has risen drastically thanks to playing sensational in international play.