Nate Repensky

Nate RepenskyDOB: 11/14/1993

Height: 5’9

Weight: 180

Position: Defense

Team: Duluth East

USHL Rights: Chicago

College Commitment: None


Repensky is a solid two-way defenseman who possesses excellent on-ice awareness and a flair for creating high flying end-to-end plays. Repensky is very comfortable carrying the puck and possesses great stick work in the corners.

Repensky is a terrific skater that is exceptional on his edges, he can create space and time by stopping on a dime and changing directions with ease. This skill also helps Repensky in the defensive zone as it helps him track opposing forwards.

Repensky’s stature is far from prototypical and is considered a weakness, but with the NHL having a paradigm shift, smaller players are having more success in the league.