Sam Wolfe

Sam WolfeSam Wolfe

DOB: 10/11/1993

Height: 6’1

Weight: 180

Position: Defense

Team: Eagan

College: Maine



Sam Wolfe is the foundation of Eagan’s defense. Wolfe is a player that contributes in so many different ways. He is an unselfish player that is willing to sacrifice his body to block a shot, play physical in the corners, or step up for a teammate.

Don’t let Wolfe’s shutdown style of defense fool you in to thinking that he’s a one trick pony as he has impressive offensive skills at his disposal. Wolfe is a very good puck handler that can skate it up the ice or control it in the offensive zone. Does a good job of slowly creeping up into the play, giving his team another option.

The most important part of Wolfe’s game is he makes it his obligation to be responsible with the puck. He has great hockey sense as he often covers up for others mistakes.