Trevor Olson

Trevoe OlsonDOB: 11/22/1993

Height: 6’1

Weight: 180

Position: RW

Team: Duluth East

USHL Rights: Green Bay

College: None


Trevor Olson has an assortment of skills making him an attractive prospect for the 2012 NHL Draft. Olson is capable of beating you in so many different ways. He has good size and uses it well in the corners and looks comfortable in the slot area. He can beat the opposition by using his creative playmaking or finishing a play with his tremendous one-on-one skills.

Olson seems to enjoy the physical part of the game as he uses his body effectively. He can play in the slot area, play physical, and absorb hits from an opponent. Olson takes the physical part of the game for what it is and does not focus on it so much that it interrupts his other abilities.

Olson’s draft stock took a bit of a hit this season as he battled a knee injury for most of the season. He could be a low risk, high reward selection late in the draft.