Hudson Fasching

Hudson FaschingDOB: 7/28/1995

Height: 6’3

Weight: 200

Position: Forward

Team: US Under-18

College: Minnesota

Although Hudson Fasching’s stock has dropped significantly over the last 12 months, there’s still a great deal of upside in the 17-year-old prospect.  Fasching has the size that NHL Franchises covet and is an above average skater that is very agile for a player of his stature. Fasching possesses soft hands, giving him the ability to control the puck in traffic or receive difficult passes from teammates. Fasching has a great work ethic and has showed improved skill in passing and defensive prowess.

Since leaving Apple Valley for the USDP IN 2011, Fasching has shown flashes of being the dominant player he was projected to be, but inconsistencies have left his name out of first round consideration.  Fasching has had some lofty expectations placed on his shoulders but with his development idle, there have been many questions about his future at the next level. Two pressing issues with Fasching are his lack of aggressiveness in the slot area and inability to release his shot quickly. These two aspects can be corrected but defiantly raise red flags

Another concern is Fasching’s hockey IQ as he has to work on recognizing scoring opportunities and be more selfish with the puck at these times. Fasching is a good passer but needs to grasp when to pass and when to shoot the puck. There have been too many instances over the past four years where Fasching would pass the puck instead of taking an open lane to the net or an open shot.

With expectations spoiled and draft status low, Fasching could be a great sleeper candidate for a team willing to use to take a small risk on prospect with a few patchable holes. Fasching could be a dangerous player as he has the skill to do so; he just needs to regain his confidence to make it happen.