Hunter Miska

Hunter MiskaDOB: 7/7/1995

Height: 5’10

Weight: 155

Position: Goalie

Team: US Under-17

College: None




Miska is an athletic goalie that makes controlled side-to-side movements. Has spectacular leg strength and speed as he has quick reflexes down low and recovers well after making a save. Rarely does he over commit on a play and has great awareness of the play around him.

Handles the puck extremely well outside of the crease, looking very comfortable and relaxed as he surveys the ice. Does not have great size but is terrific at making himself big in the net by keeping his back straight and upright. Miska does a good job coming out of his net to challenge the shooter.

Miska should continue to improve as he is a converted forward that has only been playing the goalie position for three years.