Jordan Gross

Jordan GrossDOB: 5/9/1995

Height: 5’10

Weight: 170

Position: Defense

Team: Maple Grove

USHL Rights: Green Bay

College: Notre Dame



Is a player that can be trusted and relied on heavily. Gross demonstrates good hockey sense by consistently making smart decisions with the puck. Has very good hands, showing good puck control skills and the ability to thread the needle with his passing. Does a good job quarterbacking the power-play, always knowing his options and where they are on the ice. Doesn’t crank up his slapshot that often, instead Gross takes high percentage shots that do not risk being blocked and are available for teammates to bang in the rebound.

Size is an issue but toughness is not. Gross comes to the rink ready to play every game, rarely does he have a bad showing. Gross is a very skilled player but is also a blue-collar player that has a lunch bucket mentality.