Vinni Lettieri

Vinni LettieriDOB: 2/6/1995

Height: 5’9

Weight: 165

Position: Forward

Team: Minnetonka

USHL Rights: Lincoln

College: Minnesota



Vinny Lettieri is not the largest of players but he makes good use of what he has. He does a good job at throwing his body around and works extremely hard in the corners. Lettieri is a pest around the net as he’s very active and difficult to track. He is willing to take severe punishment in the slot area in order to be effective.

Letteri is a good skater with superior acceleration, getting a lot of power from his first three strides. He has great agility as he moves east-to-west just as easily as north-to-south, an aspect of his game that makes him valuable on special teams, especially on the penalty kill. Has great leadership qualities as he is a player teammates listen to and respect.

Continued development of his skills with the puck and added strength will make Lettieri a complete player and a prospect to keep an eye on for the 2013 NHL Draft.