How to Make an Attractive Soccer Banner Design

Soccer is one of the most popular sports globally, and with such a huge following, it’s no wonder that there are so many people who want to show their love for soccer by designing banners. Banner design can be a lot of fun, but if you’re not sure how to start or what materials you need, then this blog post may be just what you were looking for. So take your time to learn more about the soccer banner design below.

Soccer Team Banner Designs

What if your team was more than just a bunch of players running around on the field? What would it be like to have an identity, something that makes them different from other teams and lets you stand out at games? I’m sure we’ve all seen those giant banners with words or logos draped across stadiums before, but how about one for our school! If this isn’t already done, then get ready because you’re going to want in on these designs as soon as possible.

How to Make an Attractive Soccer Banner Design

The best way to get a custom banner for your team is by working with a vendor specializing in designing sports banners. Online vendors offer free software that allows you to design them yourself, so go ahead and make the most of it! You can choose from different fonts, colors, or graphics–you want this thing screaming “Unicorn Rainbow Warriors” all over town? Get creative!

Instructions to Make a Soccer Banner Design

Would you like to make a customized soccer banner without taking any time out of your day? If so, then this is a quick and easy tutorial for you! By following these steps closely, anyone can create an awesome custom-made sign in no time at all.

Step 1: Choose Banner Quantity and Size

Your first step in creating a custom banner is deciding on size. You can choose from any width up to 16 feet by 50 feet, but be sure that the height matches your chosen length so that you can get an accurate price quote for printing!

 Step 2: Choose the Banner Finishing Options

Vinyl banners can be finished with several options, such as heat welded hems and grommets every 2-4 feet around the perimeter.

Step 3: Choose a Design Method

Soccer banners are an excellent way to show off your team spirit at the game. There are three different ways you can order them: picking one from our design templates, uploading a file of your design, or working with a graphic designer on the team.

Benefits of a Soccer Banner

If you’re a part of any kind of team, then the chances are that your teammates have bought or made banners to show their pride. Team soccer banners can be symbols of solidarity and direction signs and photo enhancers and mementos. While entirely optional, they are popular items among the youngest age groups, especially recreational soccer teams who purchase one during the season to enjoy too! Seeing their name on these decorative flags creates an even stronger sense of belonging for young players while also helping them find their spot on game day- after all, sports fields tend to look pretty similar with so many other people around it’s hard enough just trying not to get lost in this sea of athletes without having something recognizable like a banner marking where we belong!

Features of a Good Soccer Banner

Team banners need to be durable. They’re displayed outside and can get wet or muddy from the excited players about soccer games! Vinyl is a popular material because it does not wrinkle like fabric and lasts longer than paper. Banners come in all shapes, too; we recommend rectangular ones with these dimensions: 5′ wide x 3′ tall.

For an easy and quick setup of a team banner, we recommend pole pockets. They are much easier to use with display stands because you simply slide the poles through them when assembling them at the field. Grommets are little holes placed on the outside edges of banners that have metal rings around them as reinforcement against tearing; however, they seem more work than their usefulness warrants since grommet holes require bungee cords or zip ties to attach your banner properly onto any type if stand – meaning there’s always room for error and sagging is likely.

Below is a list of features to look out for in soccer banner design:

  • Material: Vinyl
  • Size: 5 ft by 3 ft
  • Pole pockets


Now that you understand the elements that make up an attractive design and use them in your banner go ahead and make a beautiful soccer banner. Leave any questions or comments below and what kind of soccer team logo design you would like to design. We look forward to your comment.