Tips to Plan an Effective Baseball Sponsor Banner

As the new baseball season begins, you are probably already planning your schedules, promotions, and equipment for the games. However, it can seem daunting because you don’t know what to do. This article will help you understand the layout of your stadium and the baseball sponsor banners that match it. Here are some ideas for planning your stadium banners. In addition, we have some tips for you!

Tips to Plan an Effective Baseball Sponsor Banner

5 Baseball Stadium Banner Planning Tips

Below are some of the top team baseball banners tips to try out today:

Organization is key

Your success is dependent on your organization. First, you should compile a list of all the banner sizes, locations, and outfield maps you will need to keep. This will help you save a lot of time and stress. You can use inventory management tools such as dry erase maps and charts for organizations. You can also use online proofing and production websites to organize baseball sponsor banners. (more…)

How to Make an Attractive Soccer Banner Design

Soccer is one of the most popular sports globally, and with such a huge following, it’s no wonder that there are so many people who want to show their love for soccer by designing banners. Banner design can be a lot of fun, but if you’re not sure how to start or what materials you need, then this blog post may be just what you were looking for. So take your time to learn more about the soccer banner design below.

Soccer Team Banner Designs

What if your team was more than just a bunch of players running around on the field? What would it be like to have an identity, something that makes them different from other teams and lets you stand out at games? I’m sure we’ve all seen those giant banners with words or logos draped across stadiums before, but how about one for our school! If this isn’t already done, then get ready because you’re going to want in on these designs as soon as possible.

How to Make an Attractive Soccer Banner Design

The best way to get a custom banner for your team is by working with a vendor specializing in designing sports banners. Online vendors offer free software that allows you to design them yourself, so go ahead and make the most of it! You can choose from different fonts, colors, or graphics–you want this thing screaming “Unicorn Rainbow Warriors” all over town? Get creative!

Instructions to Make a Soccer Banner Design

Would you like to make a customized soccer banner without taking any time out of your day? If so, then this is a quick and easy tutorial for you! By following these steps closely, anyone can create an awesome custom-made sign in no time at all. (more…)

Sports Banners: Football Banners

We all love to celebrate sports and games because it is always fun and exciting. Not only do we have fun with friends and family, but we also get the opportunity to cheer our favorite team and show our support.

During such occasions, the crowd is enormous, and most of these events are often covered on TV. So, it’s an excellent idea to have something new to entertain the crowd, and a nice banner is what you need.

Sports banners will attract the attention of the crowd and also entertain them. They are applicable in all sporting games: football, baseball, hockey, basketball, softball, to mention but a few. We all love to watch these games, and we enjoy them. These banners are made of materials such as vinyl, gloss, or matte, and are used at a game so everyone can see them.

Football Banners

Football team banners are a simple way to show love and support for your football team. Some of them are set before the game, with messages on celebration and encouragement for the players.

As the players come into the field, they run it and break it, causing the crowd to cheer them on loudly. Such banners are called ”breakaway banners” This action shows the team’s spirit and stirs excitement in the fans as they celebrate the spirit of sportsmanship and togetherness. (more…)

Importance of Sports Banners

In a world filled with division and suspicion, one of the few things keeping the world together; breaking educational, linguistic, religious, ethnic and geographical barriers is sport.

Sports are competitive activities which require some special physical and intellectual abilities to be carried out, usually guided by some set of rules to encourage discipline and fair play.

Hockey Banners

Sports has had it’s dark moments before now;  it has been used for numerous purposes in history, from the religious intents of the games played in the Olympics of ancient Greece, to the ideological points made by the hosts of the 1934 FIFA world cup in Italy and the 1936 summer Olympics in Berlin.

As simple as the definition is, Sports have helped humans to keep her humanity.

Talking about keeping humanity, one of the major attributes of humans is communication and sports have facilitated more efficient, effective and productive communications between different humans of different races than the United nations on planet earth. One of the ways through which sports has successfully done this is through the use of sports banners.

Sports banners are graphical works printed on different materials such as Poster paper, Mesh/polyester, Polyvinyl, Fabrics or any other suitable materials, mainly to aid communication, public identification and recognition, and advertisement. (more…)

Jack Glover

Jack-GloverDOB: 5/17/1996

Height: 6’3

Weight: 195

Position: Defense

Team: USA Under 18

College: Minnesota

Since moving on from Benilde St. Margaret’s, Glover has continued to steadily advance his game with the United States Developmental Program. The tall and lanky defenseman has great skating ability that should only get better as he grows into his large frame. Glover has demonstrated some clever stick work in tight areas and has shown touch while making long range tape-to-tape passes.

Glover is an intelligent player as he evaluates his options very quickly and seemingly is always aware of his surroundings and potential dangers. Does not get rattled in pressure situations, instead Glover stays composed and makes the smart play. When in the defensive zone Glover applies tight coverage and does a good job taking space away from opposing players by keeping an active stick and good footwork.

Glover will have to make some diminutive improvements in his decision making as he occasionally pinches at the wrong time. Development in this area should be made has he gains experience. Glover is a prospect loaded with potential as he is a well-round player with top-end capability. For his age Glover is playing at an advanced level of play and at this point is considered the top Minnesota prospect available for the 2014 NHL Draft. If Glover finishes the season strong, he can expect his name called in the first round.

Michael Brodzinski

brodzinski1DOB: 5/28/1995

Height: 5’10

Weight: 180

Position: Defense

Team: Muskegon

College: Minnesota

Brodzinski is the poster boy of what an offensive defenseman should be. He has good foot speed, is very agile, and he can wheel and deal with the best of them. Brodzinski possesses soft hands which allow him to maneuver around the opposition with ease. Much like his older brother Jonny, Michael possesses a cannon of a shot.

Brodzinski still needs to work out some consistency issues, as he has some problems with positioning and man coverage, but when Brodzinski is on his game, he’s defensively responsible and a force offensively.

Brodzinski had a very good season with Muskegon of the USHL, scoring 16 goals and 17 assists in 61 games, while being honored as defenseman of the week two times. Brodzinski is a likable prospects that should get some attention on draft day.


Erik Baskin

Erik BaskinDOB: 10/11/1993

Height: 6’3

Weight: 215

Position: Right Wing

Team: Minnetonka

College Commitment: None



There might not be a better clutch goal scorer in the state. Baskin has demonstrated over and over again that he is capable of scoring big goals in pressure situations. Baskin possesses good size and has an adequate shot. His release is a bit slow but is able to give it many different looks and with good accuracy. He does a good job of taking care of the puck and shows nice strength during one-on-one battles for the puck.

Skating is a major concern while assessing Baskin for the next level. Although his skating is a weakness he has shown major improvements in this department over the past year. If he can continue to show progression he should receive more recognition.

Class AA State Tournament Preview

-The first AA quarterfinal match has a fun storyline, one of the state’s great traditional powers against a new rising star. This appears to be the first meeting between these two teams.

Roseau (20-7-1, #19, 1-seed in 8AA)
State appearances: 34 (first since 2010)
State championships: 7 (1946, 1958, 1959, 1961, 1990, 1999, 2007)
Key section win: 7-4 over #24 Moorhead
-The Rams had few games against most state powers, leaving them one of the bigger unknowns heading into the Tourney. What isn’t in doubt is the top-end talent on their first unit, which includes Mr. Hockey finalist Zach Yon (18), his partner in crime Alex Strand (9), and high-scoring defenseman Cole Bjugson (21). They have some offense on their second line as well, but any chance at a first-round upset will require tight defense in front of goaltender Ryan Anderson (1). If they can withstand North’s depth, stay out of the box, and spring their top guns, they’ll have a fighting chance.

Lakeville North (23-4-1, #3, 1-seed in 1AA)
State appearances: 5 (2 in a row)
Key section win: 6-0 over 2-seed Farmington
-The Panthers took the state by storm this season, surging into the top 5 with a 19-game unbeaten streak over the second half. They are led by the all-brother, St. Cloud State-bound line of Jack (3), Nick (7), and Ryan (4) Poehling, but have good depth beyond them, with no obvious weaknesses. The second and third lines can match anyone’s; Tristen Hazlett (11) is up amongst the Poehlings in points, and Jack McNeely (20) leads a quality crop of defensemen. The only real question mark here is how a very young team that is used to being the underdog will handle the pressure of being a favorite in the Tourney. They only have 6 seniors and play 3 freshmen regularly, including goaltender Jake Oettinger (29).

-Two large suburban schools meet in the second quarterfinal. Their only recent meeting was in 2012, a 4-3 Eden Prairie win.

Centennial (16-10-2, #23, 3-seed in 5AA)
State appearances: 3 (2 in a row)
State championships: 1 (2004)
Key section wins: 4-0 over #14 Maple Grove, 2-1 over #5 Blaine
-For a second straight year, the Cougars have found their way to St. Paul, and this year’s run was even more impressive, as a team with a mediocre record dispatched of two higher-seeded teams, including vaunted Blaine. Ryner Gorowsky (20) and Connor Lovick (17) lead the attack, and Adam Anderson (27) rounds out the top line. They aren’t going to overwhelm anyone, but they have good depth and balance, and defensively, they’ve bought into coach Ritch Menne’s scheme. Goaltender Blake Miller (1) came up big in the Blaine upset, and will have to do so again to beat Eden Prairie. 5AA is trying to break a four-year winless streak at the Tournament.

Eden Prairie (17-8-3, #10, 2-seed in 6AA)
State appearances: 7 (first since 2011)
State championships: 2 (2009, 2011)
Key section wins: 6-2 over #15 Holy Family, 3-2 (2 OT) over #17 Benilde-St. Margaret’s
-The Eagles have won the past two Tournaments they appeared in, and bring back plenty of talent this time around, including Mr. Hockey finalists Steven Spinner (25) and Luc Snuggerud (4). Sophomore Michael Graham (16) pairs with Spinner to lead the attack up front, while the versatile Snuggerud often moves up from defense to aid in the rush. The Eagles’ challenge this season has been in playing a complete team game—as they do have reasonably good depth—and not relying just on their stars. Veteran Jake Gerdes (31) gets the nod in goal.

-The primetime battle in Class AA is a good one, as the top-ranked defending champs take on the upstart Ponies. These two have no recent history against one another.

Stillwater (16-10-2, unranked, 3-seed in 4AA)
First State appearance
Key section wins: 2-1 (OT) over #16 White Bear Lake, 2-1 over #2 Hill-Murray
-The Ponies are this season’s AA Cinderella story, coming out of nowhere to take down perennial 4AA favorites White Bear Lake and Hill-Murray. First-year coach Matt Doman has his team playing inspired hockey, taking the game to the opposition and playing tight defense. Forward John Heddle (8) is their only player with over 30 points, but a strong defense led by Mitch Reinke (20) and Zach Eder-Zdechlik (5) form the core of this squad. Goalie Josh Benson (30) will have to be on his game for the Ponies to have any hope of tripping up Edina, but they’ve already shown they can take down elite teams. How far can that momentum carry them?

Edina (23-4-1, #1, 1-seed in 2AA)
State appearances: 36 (6 as Edina East/West in 70s and 80s; 8 in a row)
Championships: 11 (1969, 1971, 1982, 1984, 1988, 1997, 2010, and 2013 as Edina; 1974, 1978, and 1979 as Edina East)
Key section wins: 8-2 over #25 Prior Lake, 5-1 over #21 Bloomington Jefferson
-The Hornets are the clear favorites coming into this tournament, though they bowed out in the quarterfinals the last two times they were the top seed. Miguel Fidler (12) and Cullen Munson (9) anchor one of their two interchangeable top lines, while Dylan Malmquist (20), Garrett Wait (17), and Kieffer Bellows (7) make up the other. Mr. Hockey finalist Tyler Nanne (23) leads the defense. If they have a weakness, it’s probably on their relatively inexperienced defense beyond Nanne; their power play has also been surprisingly poor for a team with their level of talent. Still, the Hornets have the depth and firepower to beat anyone, and when coach Curt Giles’ teams go into lockdown mode late in a game, they rarely lose.

-Two tough teams known for their defense clash in the last AA quarterfinal. These teams have only met once before, a 2012 State consolation final won by the Hounds.

Eagan (18-9-1, #13, 4-seed in 3AA)
State appearances: 4 (first since 2012)
Key section wins: 2-1 (OT) over #18 Cretin-Derham Hall, 4-2 over #7 St. Thomas Academy
-Eagan may have been a 4-seed in its own section with 9 losses, but that’s deceptive, as the Wildcats were among the toughest teams in the State, especially through the second half of the season. The offense isn’t especially deep; Jack Jenson (24) is by far their leading scorer, and Kyle Stebbing (7) is their only other forward over 25 points. Their real strength, however, is in back, where the defensive pair of Nick Wolff (5) and Tommy Muck (2) is as good as any in the state. The Wildcats are a rugged, physical team, and that strength carried them through a difficult section. They also have one of the more touted goaltenders in the Tourney in Andrew Lindgren (35).

Duluth East (21-6-1, #9, 1-seed in 7AA)
State appearances: 21 (6 in a row)
State championships: 3 (1960, 1995, 1998)
Key section wins: 5-2 over #20 Grand Rapids, 3-2 (OT) over #8 Elk River
-As with Eagan, any discussion of the Hounds must begin with their top defensive pair, which is comprised of seniors Phil Beaulieu (25) and Alex Trapp (5). The offense doesn’t put up big numbers, but has come on some as the season has gone along, and is led by Nick Altmann (19) and Jack Kolar (22). These Hounds bear the usual trademarks of a Mike Randolph-coached team with their depth, strong forecheck, and stellar special teams, though they are also on the young side, and do not always dominate play as much as some recent East editions. With strong play out of goalie Gunnar Howg (31), they could be a threat to the top teams in the field.

Avery Peterson Wins 2014 Mr. Hockey


-Photo by David Romuald

Avery Peterson has won the 2014 Minnesota Mr. Hockey Award, given to the top senior high school hockey player in the state. Peterson was selected by a panel of NHL scouts, DI coaches, and selected members of the media.

The University of Nebraska-Omaha commit scored 37 goals and assisted on 30 others in 27 games this season. Peterson scored at least one point in 26 of his 27 games this season, including four games in which he register four goals.  Peterson totaled 86 goals and 117 assists in 107 career games for Grand Rapids.

Peterson was drafted by the Wild in the sixth round (167 overall) of the 2013 NHL Draft.

The following is a list of past Minnesota Mr. Hockey winners.

2013 Grant Besse Benilde St. Margaret’s 5/147
2012 Justin Kloos Lakeville South Not Drafted
2011 Kyle Rau Eden Prairie 3/93
2010 Nick Bjugstad Blaine 1/19
2009 Nick Leddy Eden Prairie 1/16
2008 Aaron Ness Roseau 2/40
2007 Ryan McDonagh Cretin-Derham Hall 1/12
2006 David Fischer Apple Valley 1/20
2005 Brian Lee Moorhead 1/9
2004 Tom Gorowsky Centennial Not Drafted
2003 Nate Dey North St. Paul Not Drafted
2002 Gino Guyer Greenway 5/165 (2003 Draft)
2001 Mary Sertich Roseville Not Drafted
2000 Paul Martin Elk River 2/62
1999 Jeff Taffe Hastings 1/30 (2000 Draft)
1998 Johnny Pohl Red Wing 9/255
1997 Aaron Miskovich Grand Rapids 5/133
1996 Dave Spehar Duluth East Not Drafted
1995 Erik Rasmussen St. Louis Park 1/7 (1996 Draft)
1994 Mike Crowley Bloomington Jefferson 6/140 (1993 Draft)
1993 Nick Checco Bloomington Jefferson 6/137
1992 Brian Bonin White Bear Lake 9/211
1991 Darby Hendrickson Richfield 4/73 (1990 Draft)
1990 Joe Dziedzic Edison 3/61
1989 Trent Klatt Osseo 4/82
1988 Larry Olimb Warroad 10/193 (1987 Draft)
1987 Kris Miller Greenway 4/80
1986 George Pelawa Bemidji 1/16
1985 Tom Chorske Southwest 1/16

2014 Final Class AA Rankings

These rankings place added emphasis on playoff performance. One last time before November:

-Two in a row, three out of five: the Edynasty is here. The Hornets may have an edge in numbers and resources that others can only dream of, but these past two years, this team’s coaching staff has taken them to the next level in the playoffs. They set the bar for the rest of the state, and it’s up to everyone else to respond.
2. Lakeville North
-A laugher of a state title game does little to diminish an otherwise superb breakout season for the Panthers, who are now on the map and unlikely to be going away anytime soon. They dazzled with their depth and talent, and were one of my biggest misses in six years of rankings. That won’t be the case next year.
3. Eagan
-The gritty Wildcats might have gotten more out of less than any team this season, playing excellent defense and giving Edina its lone close game of the playoffs. On paper this looks to be the end of the line for a bit, but if the coaching staff can get similar defensive performances in the future, they’ll still be a factor.
4. Eden Prairie
-The Eagles went on a strong run through sections, and gave North all they could handle in an instant classic of a semifinal. Their top players gave some heroic performances, and they also found some of the balance that had eluded them at times over the course of the year. Despite the final two losses, it was a memorable year for the Eagles.
5. Roseau
-The Rams were one of the most impressive teams in St. Paul, giving North all they could handle in the semis before picking up a consolation title. Their stars were ready for the biggest stage, and they played strong enough defense to compete with anyone. Success for Roseau at State is always a good sign for Minnesota hockey, proving even the smallest communities are capable of great things.
6. Hill-Murray
-A strong season came crashing down in the section final for the Pioneers, and for the third time in four years, the end result was a bit disappointing. Still, we all know they’ll just be reloading for next year.
7. Wayzata
-The Trojans were looking like a serious title contender down the stretch, but it all came apart against Benilde in the section semis, and 6AA remains a minefield for any defending champion. They should be right back in the mix next year.
8. Duluth East
-The Hounds had a strong run through a difficult section to claim a sixth straight tournament berth, though their thin offense ran out of gas in St. Paul. Even if the front-end talent is down somewhat, this program still has good depth and a lot of momentum, and that won’t be changing any time soon.
9. Burnsville
-It was a year of ‘what could have been’ for the Blaze, as they suffered some of the highest-profile defections in the state, then stumbled in the section semis. The talent was there, and a regular season win over Edina was a nice step, but they still have yet to close the deal.
10. Blaine
-Like Burnsville, the Bengals came up short, and the tough results in sections are becoming a theme here. Still, that doesn’t take away from a regular season in which they competed with many of the best teams in the state. The end result was a tough loss for a very deep senior class.
11. St. Thomas Academy
-Like many of the teams in this part of the rankings, the Cadets fell short in sections despite high expectations. Still, it was a strong AA debut for a young team, and they could easily be a serious title contender next year.
12. Benilde-St. Margaret’s
-The Red Knights turned it on in sections after a somewhat disappointing regular season, knocking off Wayzata and coming ever so close to a Tourney berth. They’ll be back in the mix in the 6AA meat-grinder once again next year.
13. Centennial
-The Cougars went on a great run in sections, taking down Maple Grove and Blaine, and they gave Eden Prairie a good fight in the State quarterfinals as well. They may have gone 2-and-out the past two years, but that’s a bit deceptive, as they’ve been very competitive in the Tourney, and do a great job despite not being among the favorites.
14. Elk River
-The Elks came awfully close to making their way back to St. Paul, but came up empty in the 7AA final. There’s a lot of talent coming up here, and sooner or later they’ll break through.
15. Stillwater
-It was a breakthrough year for the Ponies, as they stunned White Bear and Hill and made their first trip to State. That State experience didn’t go particularly well, but it was an important first step, and judging by their youth program, this program should continue to be on the rise in the coming years.

Honorable Mention (In No Real Order)
Maple Grove
-Was in the top 15 all season long, though they fell to Centennial in the 5AA semis.
-Like Maple Grove, spent a lot of time in the top 15, and had the misfortune of drawing STA in the 3AA semis, though they came close to beating them.
Bloomington Jefferson
-Had a decent year and scored a big upset in sections over Burnsville.
-Put together a nice record and made their first AA section title game, which is an important step forward for the program.
Holy Family
-The Fire continued their slow but steady improvement by making their way into a 6AA semifinal.
-Went on a very nice run over the second half of the season, though they couldn’t quite follow it up with any playoff success.